Archive of Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKOE) Austria

Constructed by women artists themselves, like the VBKÖ itself has lived through and changed with history from the latter days of imperialism, to the fall of the Habsburg Empire and WWI, Austro-Fascism, the Nazi Era, but also through the progressive movements in the arts in Austria all the way to the current expansion of the European Union and the austerity cuts in public funding.

Atria – Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History Netherlands

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, it collects, stores and documents material about the position of women in all fields – such as law, politics, labor, care, history, art, literature, science, religion, sexuality, gender equality and feminism, in the past and the present, from within and abroad.

Biblioteca Delle Donne Italy

Situated in Bologna, Italy, the Italian Women’s Library was born at the end of the Seventies as part of Women’s Documentation, Research and Initiative Centre, thanks to a project originated by Associazione Orlando – an independent feminist organisation – which wished to create an institution devoted to women’s culture and political activism.

Bibliothèque Marguerite Durand France

Created from a massive collection started in 1897 by journalist and activist Marguerite Durand. It holds a collection of materials on French feminism and the struggle of French suffragettes for equality.

The Danish Peace Academy – Greenham Common Peace Camps Songbooks

The women’s peace camps at Greenham Common nuclear base is history now; but their methods of non-violent direct action and the weapons they protested against are not. A generation later women are still protesting at military bases.

FemHouse and FemLibrary Armenia

Queer café and feminist library in Armenia. Recently set up. They have contacted us with request for solidarity donations of money and books to keep them going. The political environment they’re operating in is quite hostile. So they’d be grateful for any expressions of solidarity.

Feminist library Mexico

New project, in Chiapas, Mexico. Working with both academics and indigenous women activists to create a truly intersectional resource on and for feminists. Still awaiting website.

Feminoteka Poland

Feminist publisher, bookshop and foundation in Warsaw, Poland, fighting to end discrimination against women.

International Federation for Research in Women’s History

Its aim is to encourage and coordinate research in all aspects of women’s history at international level, by promoting exchange of information and publication and by arranging and assisting in arranging large-scale international conferences as well as more restricted and specialized meetings.

RoSa Belgium

Since 1978 the RoSa library and centre of expertise is the place to be for information and documentation on women’s issues, feminism and gender.

Sister Library India

Currently fundraising for a home for what has so far been a pop-up library in Mumbai, India.