Feminist crisis resources

The ongoing pandemic crisis has exposed and exacerbated inequalities at an unprecedented level, on a global scale, for everyone to see. We have prepared an overview of reports on the different issues marginalised communities are facing here.

If you want to find out more about the impact of the crisis on women and other marginalised groups, you can read:

A selection of evidence on the impact of the pandemic on people with disabilities. 

#CharitySoWhite report and Civil Society article on the impact on BAME communities.

Reports on the impact on refugees and migrants.  

The Health Foundation’s report on the impact on heath inequalities.

The LGBT Foundation’s briefing on the impact on LGBTQ+ people.

Women’s Budget Group reports – including on the impact on women and the care sector. 

Women’s Resources Centre report on the impact on the women’s sector.

Other useful resources in this area:

A rich reading list on the topic of care put together by the people behind this year’s AtGender Caring in Uncaring Times conference.

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